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a. What is the writer’s thesis? i. What claim does the writer assert? ii. What assumptions does the argument make, and are  these assumptions acceptable?  Why or why not? iii. Does the writer define key terms adequately?  What, if  anything, is missing? b. What evidence does the writer offer for his or her claim?     i. Are the writer’s examples pertinent and convincing? His examples are different he shows the bad of McCain but at the end make McCain look good. v. Does the writer use an appeal to emotion?  If so, is it  an appropriate and acceptable one?  Why or  why not? DANIEL HENNINGER use fear and put doubts in the head of his conservative readers but then flip to making them feel like it would still be better to have a no liked republican then a non liked democrat. c. How does the writer treat the argument fairly? Well for any conservitive it was fair but for liberals 
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Unformatted text preview: HENNINGER didnt show anything that made the liberals look good. i. What counterarguments does the writer consider? Are these counters covered adequately, or has the writer ignored significant points? Has the writer left out any obvious counters that hurt his or her credibility? DANIEL HENNINGER doesnt consider any counterarguments he is one sided. He left out the point of view of all democrats, he didnt look at Obamas or Clintons standing point he was only consernded with the republican side. ii. Does the argument contain any evidence of dishonesty? No dishonesty just not the full story if he would have shown any point for the democratic side in good light and compared them it would have been better but because his focus was conservative reader then he made it seem like anything is better then democratic....
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