12 - Lecture 2/12/07 *Nixon -bought into programs and...

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Lecture 2/12/07 *Nixon -bought into programs and policies to help relieve poverty (and expanded them) -end of program growth *War on poverty initiated under democratic administration *Clinton's legacy -wanted to get people off welfare to help them -Personal Responsibility act ("self help") -bring people on welfare into labor market -time limits for welfare (two years) then had to get a job -Economists who studied labor pointed to increase in service jobs (min wage jobs)--working full time at min wage and still be poor *Republicans also in support of act--wanted to use resources for other things *Clinton highly criticized for welfare reform--people believed clinton was abandoning the poor, etc. *Temporary assistance for needy families *each state has its own assistance laws. ..some states will not cut off children -if you dont work (after time limit) you still get money for your children *How do some of these issues impact Latinos, more specifically? -arguments help us understand poverty of different ethnic groups Poverty threshholds for 2007 -1 adult person: $10, 210 -3: $17,000 -to bring in family members, you must be at least at 125% of the threshold Understanding Latino Poverty 1)Immigration and poverty 2)A Latino Underclas 3)labor market disadvantage 1) in the media--negative externalities that arise with the increase of immigration -more drugs, crime, immigrants become the scapegoats -immigration leads to more poverty A. quality of recent cohorts argument--on average, the type of immigrant thats arriving to the US is at the bottom of the barrel (unskilled and uneducated) and in result, more likely to make lower earnings, less connected to labor market, characteristics lead them toward poverty >immigrants are starting to setting in more diverse areas--but they still tend to settle in areas where there are already high concentrations of poverty
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12 - Lecture 2/12/07 *Nixon -bought into programs and...

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