Matter and Energy

Matter and Energy - Matter and Energy Chemistry the study...

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Matter and Energy Chemistry- the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. Matter - Anything that occupies spac e (volum e) a nd ha s m a ss. - Includes solids, liquids, ga s es - Subdivided into: 1. Mixtures- co mbination of two or m ore subst anc es in which the subst a nc es retain thei distinct identities. Do not have a const ant co mposition. Can b e either ho mog e nous (com position is uniform ed) or het eroge n eous (not uniform e d). Can be s ep arat e d by physical process es into pure com pon ents without the without changing the identities the com pon ents. 2. Subst anc e- h as a d efinite com position a nd distinct properties. Includes ele m e nts (bui blocks of m a tt er) a nd co mpounds. Ele m e nts a nd Compounds - Ele m e nts cannot b e se p ar at ed into simpler subst anc es by che mical reactions - 114 Ele m e nts h ave currently be e n identified. - Most occur n aturally on Earth - Others are synthe sized in labs. These ele m e nts called transuranium ele m e nts ar e all that follow uranium on the periodic table. - Ele m e nts ar e arrang e d in groups (vertically) a nd periods (horizontally) on the p eriodi table. - Periods travel horizont ally a nd ar e arrang e d from 1-7 - Groups or fa mily are arrange d from 1-18. Each with their resp ective n a m e Group 1- Alkali Metals (does not include Hydrogen) Group 2- Alkaline Earth Metals Group 3-12 – Transition Metals
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Group 13-16 – Named after the first element in the group. Group 17- Halogens Group 18- Inert or Noble Gases - Metalloids Elements that combine properties of both metals and nonmetals Include Boron, Silicon, Germanium, Arsenic, Antimony, Tellurium, Astatine.
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Matter and Energy - Matter and Energy Chemistry the study...

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