midtermreview - Risk factors: poverty, ethnicity, living...

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Risk factors: poverty, ethnicity, living conditions, lack of employment opportunities, lack of school opportunities and violence o These risk facts play a role in youths joining gangs anywhere in the world o They are given a sense of belonging and identity, they give and get love from the gang o 50% of Central Americans live in poverty o Poverty alone does not cause gang formation or membership o It is most likely what poverty contributes to or poverty in contribution of another risk factor o The US gang history can assist us in understanding gang behaviors, why certain behaviors are observed o The literature suggests that class distinction, racism and bias are the reasons why gangs formed in the US and other parts of the world o You can trace gang behaviors back to colonial America, even back to the 1760s Drug Trafficking o 90% or more of the illegal drugs that are smuggled into America come across the southern border ( Mexico ) o The American and International drug trade fuels the formation of very unique relationships between domestic and transnational gangs o Media has hyped gangs, their image is amplified by their portrayal in the media. They are shown as tightly knit and tightly run, which isn’t always the case o The world drug market is estimated to be 400 billion dollars per year and is about 8% of the word’s economy\ o US research suggests that the primary source of income for street gangs comes from drug sales o The “hector model” was discussed as the sales model that represents this observation. By the time Hector sells the drugs it will have gone through a dozen hands and three countries o The US only has about 1/6 of the world’s population and consumes over 50% of the illegal drugs o Drug smuggling operations have resulted in violent clashes along the
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midtermreview - Risk factors: poverty, ethnicity, living...

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