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-prop 187-- denies public education and health care to undocumented immigrants -Laura Angelica Simon (school teacher at Hoover Elementary) made a documentary about her students -Fear&Learning at Hoover Elementary -why pass 187? speculated that people think it will solve problems of immigration we can't take care of everyone--issues of costs/paying for their education -simon says she just wants to educate the kids she has, and the prop isn't letting her do that -kids thought Simon was going to kick them out of school. ..also became an issue of just race--documented kids also feared getting kicked out -often times families don't want their kids to go to college because they don't want them to grow beyond
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Unformatted text preview: -prop does nothing to help regulate the border-Hoover in Pico Union (called the Ellis Island of LA--port of entrance into the city for many immigrants)-many of simon's students are political refugees of Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala-2700 students, 250 staff at Hoover (biggest elementary in LA)--- hoover street is the dividing line to two rival gangs-kids, on the term "illegal aliens" they don't want us here. ..we're like a piece of dirt. ..-the kids don't feel safe walking to school-five out of 6 kids had witnessed murders-Hoover's Parent Center--- programs to help the parents. ..ESL, parenting classes, etc...
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