What is a family Response Essay

What is a family Response Essay - 1 Sarah Angiolellli Dr...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Sarah Angiolellli Dr. Watson Essay One Final Draft September 23, 2007 YOU’RE GAY!...YEAH, SO?! The Future of America In 1998, only twenty six percent of households in America had children with married couples as the parents. Today, I am sure the number is even lower. This statistic is just a realization of the changes that our country has been through in the last century. Still, when asked if people should be married before they have children 100% of people said yes. In addition, there was a poll taken that asked if the consensus thought a family with biological parents and children is best. Eighty percent of people said yes in this poll. Though family structures are changing, most people in our country are having problems accepting these changes because they are uncomfortable with them. Things are changing greatly now in terms of our social world. When eighty percent of people said they think it is better to see two parents with their biological kids rather than any other family, they did not even ask if they were happy. They did not ask any details about the families. They just think that biological parents and children look 2 better together, so they would rather see them. Anyone that is alive today can see that our country has changed, and our structures of families have changed too. Everyone just needs to realize that there is no way that we can go back to the way it used to be. The old days are gone. A new age is in our view. We should embrace it, and know that only good can come of letting people be happy with the ones they love. I have heard folks say that they think ‘the family’ is gone forever. They think that we will never get it back because it has been completely demolished by the high divorce rates. It is not gone. It is just in metamorphosis. Not everyone is forced to get married anymore because now women can support themselves. Before, women were forced to get married because they were not allowed to work. Women enjoy having their independence. Sometimes they enjoy it so much that they just want to be by themselves and provide for themselves. A family does not have to involve a married themselves and provide for themselves....
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What is a family Response Essay - 1 Sarah Angiolellli Dr...

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