Week 1B Reading Notes

Week 1B Reading Notes - Class 1B Reading Notes Barnouw...

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Class 1B Reading Notes Barnouw 51-81 Reporter Denis Kaufman, known in the film world as Dziga Vertov. Russian -Futurism a movement sweeping through Europe from beginnings in 1909 in Italy and France and invading all the arts. Poets rejected sentences in favor of word montages (loved these long poetic catalogues that resembled work of Walt Whitman.) Given to rhetorical manifestos which used unconventional arrangements as means of expression and emphasis. -Denis Kaufman built “audio-laboratory” where he would put together montages of sounds (sound poems). Dziga Vertov means turning, revolving. -supposed to combine bits of struggle, crisis and disaster during the civil war. Mission was to get out the news and unite the people by keeping them up to date on struggles. -Vertov didn’t only make newreels compiled longer releases including Anniversary of the Revolution (1919) reusing footage. -End of fighting made History of the Civil War ( 1921). -Vertovs idea of Soviet films purpose was to document Socialis Reality. -had many enemies in film world bc attacked everything being done -Lenin felt that films were really important to his reign. So Vertov and and his council of Three could go into this film journalism while still making manifestos (public decalartion
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Week 1B Reading Notes - Class 1B Reading Notes Barnouw...

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