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Anthro paper - Could medical advances be holding our...

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Could medical advances be holding our species back in regards to evolution? Sarah Angiolelli Anthropology Tuesday/Thursday 3:30 3-1-08 Medical advances are definitely affecting evolution; however, evolution is still occurring, just not at the rate it would be if our species had not gained such medical knowledge. All of the components of natural selection are still occurring. Our population has great variation, which is visible to just the naked eye. Despite all of the medical advances, we still have mutations of all sorts. Sure, some of the more devastating ones are treated and prevented but some of them cannot be. We still inherit traits from our parents. Yes, some medical advances let women choose a sperm donor for their eggs. That is just the same as when they choose a mate. It comes down to an individual choosing characteristics in another individual that they find appealing. The medical advances have indeed led to a curve in the United States population that has worried scientists over the years.
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