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Final Study Guide - Excess Mechanicals Work for Hire Fair...

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Large monitors Near field Condenser Dynamic Reverb EQ Compression Musicians Union Direct input Master volume Patch bay Hammond B3 Scale Doubles
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Record Production Management (MuIN 286) Study Guide The following list is representative of the terms and names encountered in the lectures and reading ( not necessarily complete ). Be prepared for multiple choice and short answer questions. Duration Product outcome Chargeback Exclusivity Free Goods Artist Royalties Assignment ASCAP, BMI, SESAC PRS, GEMA Copyright Right to Audit Artist and Repertoire Reserve Fund Radio Promotion Song Income Harry Fox Concepts vs. Ideas Blanket License Common Law Copyright Controlled Composition
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Unformatted text preview: Excess Mechanicals Work for Hire Fair Use Publication Master Tape Packaging Deduction Advances Transfer of Copyright Recording Process Downbeat Studio time Lockout Purchase Order Producer payments Compulsory License Term Notice Registration Mechanical rights “Bundle of Rights” Fixed Non-utilitarian Forms PA and SR Proper forms of notice First Use Renewal Deposit First Sale Doctrine Termination Rights 1909 Revision 1972 Revision 1976 Revision Sony Bono Act Melody, Lyrics Mechanical royalties Performance royalties Broadcast Performances Live performances Term/Duration Options SRLP Royalty Discounts: Free Goods Omnidirectional Cardiod...
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Final Study Guide - Excess Mechanicals Work for Hire Fair...

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