PHY160-ch1.2-F07 - Chapter 1 - Handout 1.2 (Gen-Phy-I)...

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Chapter 1 - Handout 1.2 (Gen-Phy-I) Section 1.5/ Physical quantities: Scalars and Vectors While many quantities such Volume , Temperature , Mass etc… are Scalars , there are also many that are not scalars because they have not only Magnitudes but also Directions . For example if two point A and B are separate by a distance of 3 miles, you can cover the 3-miles distance by: 1) Driving you car from A to B : Magnitude = 3 miles , Direction = West-to-East (W-E) 2) Driving you car from B to A : Magnitude = 3 miles , Direction = East-to-West (E-W) A complete description of the trip must include the distance covered by the car and the direction . The physical quantity that deals with both magnitude and direction is called Vector Quantity . Here are some important properties of vector quantities: a) Arrows are used to represent vectors. b) The length of the arrow represents the magnitude of the vector. c) The fundamental difference between scalars and vectors is the direction .
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PHY160-ch1.2-F07 - Chapter 1 - Handout 1.2 (Gen-Phy-I)...

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