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chapter1 outline - 1 INVITATION TO BIOLOGY Chapter Outline...

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1 ________________________________________________________________________________ INVITATION TO BIOLOGY Chapter Outline IMPACTS, ISSUES: WHAT AM I DOING  HERE? LIFE'S LEVELS OF ORGANIZATION From Small to Smaller From Smaller to Vast OVERVIEW OF LIFE’S UNITY DNA, The Basis of Inheritance Energy, The Basis of Metabolism Life’s Responsiveness to Change IF SO MUCH UNITY, WHY SO MANY  SPECIES? AN EVOLUTIONARY VIEW OF DIVERSITY THE NATURE OF BIOLOGICAL INQUIRY Observations, Hypotheses, and Tests About the Word “Theory” THE POWER OF EXPERIMENTAL TESTS An Assumption of Cause and Effect Example of an Experimental Design Example of a Field Experiment Bias in Reporting Results THE LIMITS OF SCIENCE SUMMARY SELF-QUIZ CRITICAL THINKING Objectives 1. List features that distinguish living organisms from nonliving matter. 2. Describe the general pattern of energy flow through Earth’s life forms, and explain how Earth’s resources  are used again and again (cycled). 3. Explain what is meant by the term  diversity , and speculate about what caused the great diversity of life  forms on Earth. 4. List as many steps of the scientific approach to understanding a problem as you can. 5. Explain how people came to believe that the populations of organisms that inhabit Earth have changed  through time. Invitation to Biology 1
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6. Understand as well as you can what limitations are imposed on science and scientists. Key Terms cell tissues organs organ systems community ecosystem biosphere DNA enzymes inheritance reproduction development energy metabolism producers consumers decomposers receptors stimulus homeostasis species genus, genera Bacteria Archaea Eukarya prokaryotic plants fungi animals mutation adaptive trait evolution artificial selection natural selection observations hypotheses prediction test models scientific theory variable control group experimental group mimicry Lecture Outline Impacts, Issues: What Am I Doing Here? A. Current world events seem chaotic. 1. Humans spill oil that threatens aquatic life. 2. Diseases such as AIDS destroy lives. 3. Even the global temperatures seem to be unstable. B. But past world events also have been destructive. 1. Bioterrorism was around in 1346 when soldiers hurled corpses of plague victims over walled  cities. 2.
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chapter1 outline - 1 INVITATION TO BIOLOGY Chapter Outline...

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