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1 CHEMISTRY 237 B Autumn 2005 GAME PLAN FOR Final Exam CAUTION : THIS TIME AROUND ONLY VERY CLEAR ANSWERS GET CREDIT. 1. What is the relationship of the two structures within each pair (a, b, c, …)? Same? Isomers? What kind of isomers? 2. Give the MAJOR organic products of the following reactions (Me = methyl, Et = ethyl.) and if the major product is a stereoisomer draw it in 3D. 3. a) Starting with X, make Y
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Starting with an alkyne of your choice, make the following: 5. Give the MAJOR ORGANIC PRODUCTS of the following reactions of alkenes. If necessary, show the correct product stereochemistry. 6. a) In the reaction below, each product is “parented” by a carbocationic intermediate. Underneath each product, write the “parent” carbocation (under each arrow). b) Write a mechanism for GOOD LUCK. NDE...
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