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exams_Study_Guide_for_Exam_2 - CHEM 241 EXAM#2 STUDY GUIDE...

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CHEM 241 EXAM #2 STUDY GUIDE. The exam will be on Monday, August 14 th from 1:10-2:10. This will be a closed book/note test. There will be a seating chart. A sample exam will be posted on the web site and bulletin board by the week Aug 7 th . The exam will be over the Spinach Chromotogrphy, Bromination, Freidel Crafts acylation, Grignard reaction and the 3 step synthesis. Also review any purification techniques used in these experiments. Spinach TLC Be able to predict relative Rf values for various organic compounds. Know the effect of the solvent system will have on the Rf value. Bromination Be able to draw the bromonium ion and carbocation mechanism of a bromination—be able to draw the stereochemical details of this mechanism and reaction. Freidel Crafts acylation Know the structures for all starting reagents, products and possible by-products of this reaction. Know the mechanism for this reaction. Know how you purified your product at the end of the reaction. What purification procedures did you use in this experiment?
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