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Neurobiology CODE NUMBER __________________________ Midterm II, Spring 2007 ZO 488 / ZO 588 Neurobiology Midterm Exam II ZO 488 / ZO 588 **************************************************************************** I certify that I will neither give nor receive unauthorized aid on this examination. SIGN YOUR NAME ____________________________________ PRINT YOUR NAME ___________________________________ **************************************************************************** 1. This exam contains 11 numbered pages (lots of pictures). Make sure you have all 11 pages of the exam and write your code number on each page. You will receive one point for writing your code number on each page. 2. There are a total of 120 points on this exam. It is a bit longer than the first midterm. 3. Read each question carefully, limit your answers to the space provided, and please write neatly. 4. For multiple choice questions, choose all correct answers unless you are instructed to select only one.
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CODE NUMBER __________________________ page 1 TRUE / FALSE (20 points total) 1. FALSE Neurons with axons in the reticulospinal tract have cell bodies in the spinal cord. **These neurons would have cell bodies in the reticular nuclei and would project axons to terminate in the spinal cord.** 2. FALSE In somatotopic maps, each area of the body is represented in proportion to the actual size of that area of the body. **Each area of the body is represented in proportion to its importance to the organism and to the density of receptors present in that area – proportional representation based on function, not size.** 3. TRUE Somatosensory input from the thalamus goes directly to layer IV (layer four) of the primary somatosensory cortex. 4. TRUE Nociceptors and thermoceptors have free nerve endings. 5. FALSE The specialized sensory receptors of the vestibular system are called otoliths. **Sensory receptors are cells – in this case, hair cells.** 6. FALSE It is rare for descending projections to modulate the flow of pain and other somatosensory information from the periphery to the cortex. **This is quite common (and not limited to the somatosensory system).** 7. TRUE Auditory hair cells are depolarized by an influx of potassium (K + ). 8. TRUE Myelination of an axon results in faster conduction of action potentials in that axon. 9. TRUE The ventral stream of visual processing includes temporal association cortex and is involved in the recognition of objects 10. FALSE The strength of an olfactory stimulus is coded by the size of the action potentials it triggers. **Not action potential size, but action potential frequency (the number of action potentials).** 11. TRUE Gamma motor neurons play an important role in ensuring that the stretch reflex can occur regardless of the starting length of the muscle. 12. TRUE A motor pool consists of the cell bodies of all the motor neurons that innervate a
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2007Midterm2Key - Neurobiology Midterm II Spring 2007 ZO...

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