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Chemistry 14BL COURSE INFORMATION (Lecture 1) Winter 2008 (LAST DAY TO DROP IMPACTED COURSE - January 18) Course Instructor: Dr. Johnny W. Pang (2070A Young) Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday 9-10am; Thursday 9-10am & Friday 11-Noon in 2070A Young Hall Lecture(s): Tuesday 8am (CS 50) Laboratory Room(s): 1049 Virtual Office Hours: Chemistry 14BL will use the Department of Chemistry's Virtual Office Hour ( VOH ) for posting report guidelines and office hours on the Internet. The address is http://voh.chem.ucla.edu/ . Class Web Site: Go to the 14BL VOH page and you will find a link to the class Web site. Enforced Requisites: Courses 14A (C- or better) and 14B (co-requisite OR if completed C- or better) Required Texts: (1) Chemistry Experiments for Life Science Majors (2 nd Edition) by A.A. Russell, Burgess Publishing (ISBN #: 0808725173) (2) Laboratory notebook with duplicate carbon copies (refer to the other side of this syllabus for more details) (3) Techniques in Organic Chemistry ( 2nd Edition ) by Mohrig, Hammond and Schatz . ISBN #: 0-7167-6935-2 Recommended Text: Peter Atkins and Loretta Jones, Chemical Principles - The Quest for Insight (3 rd Ed) (or any other equivalent general chemistry text) Grading: To receive a passing grade (C-), you must complete ALL the experiments (including reports) and receive at least 50% of the points in EACH of the following grading category in the course. No student can pass the course without taking both exams. NOTE: The instructor reserves the right to modify the 50% rule at the end of the quarter after all the scores are tabulated. (I)
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14blinfo_W08_1 - Chemistry 14BL COURSE INFORMATION(Lecture...

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