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1 Syllabus Physics 6B: Physics for Life Science Majors – Waves, Electricity and Magnetism Lecture 3, Winter 2008 (Pre-requisites: Physics 6A/6AH, Mathematics 31A/31B/32A) Lectures: MWF 3:00 – 3:50pm room: PAB 1425 Instructor: Dr. Guoqing Wu Office: Knudsen 6-130 B, Physics and Astronomy Building Email: [email protected] Phone: (310) 983 -1097 Office Hours : MW 2:00 – 2:50pm (and by appointment/or stop by when needed) Homepage: Textbook: Principles of Physics , 4 th Ed. by Serway and Jewett --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Homework : Assigned on Wednesday and due the next Wednesday at class. Solutions to all homework assignments and exams will be posted on the course web site. Help: a) Instructor office hours (see above), and also available by appointment/or try a stop by anytime. b) TA office hours (see below) and/or discussion section. Grading : 10% Homework 10% Laboratory 20% Midterm I , Monday, Jan. 28, 2008 (1 hour) 20% Midterm II , Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008 (1 hour) 40% FINAL , Thursday, March 20, 2008 (3 hours, 8:00 - 11:00am
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This note was uploaded on 07/01/2008 for the course PHYS 6B taught by Professor Wu during the Winter '08 term at UCLA.

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Syllabus-Physics_6B-Winter_2008-Guoqing_Wu - Syllabus...

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