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Final Study Guide

Final Study Guide - Professor Juliet Williams Women's...

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Professor Juliet Williams Women’s Studies 10 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE The final exam will be given on Wednesday, March 19 th from 8:00-11:00am in Humanities A51 . This exam will be similar in format to the midterm. The exam will be comprehensive, although the identifications will be selected only from the materials presented after the midterm exam. You will be asked to answer 5 out of 6 identification questions, and 2 out of 3 essay questions. The exam is designed to be completed within two hours, although you will be allowed to use the full time period allotted to respond. The essay questions which appear on the exam will be selected from among those presented below. In your responses, you should engage materials from the course, including readings, lectures, and section discussions. The purpose of this component of the exam is to demonstrate not just your familiarity with the content of the readings and the lectures, but your critical thinking skills as well. You should plan to spend
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