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Quiz INSTRUCTIONS: READ THIS FIRST!Do not write on this paper! All questions are worth 1 point unless otherwise indicated. Most questions require a one-sentenceanswer. The more points a question is worth, the longer the answer should be. Write neatly and clearly– if it can’t bereadit can’t bewrite! 1.Name the cultures to which the Ramayana, Ragnarok and the Apocalypse of John belong. 2.What do the Ramayana, Ragnarok and the Apocalypse of John have in common with His Dark Materials? 3.Who are Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell? 4.What characteristics does Lyra share with the Epic Hero? (3 points) 5.What is the name of the college in Oxford where Lyra lives? 6.Who tried to kill Lord Asriel when he visited Oxford? 7.Lord Asriel is named after a biblical figure -- who is the “Asriel” in biblical literature? 8.What do they call chocolate in Lyra’s world? 9.What is Pan’s full name? 10. When can you trick a bear? 11. What is Lyra’s last name? 12. Who did Lyra leave the college with? 13. What is the name of the leader of the Gyptians with whom Lyra escapes? 14. How did Iorek lose his armor?
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