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MCDB 120L Plant Biology Laboratory

MCDB 120L Plant Biology Laboratory - MCDB 120L Plant...

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MCDB 120L Plant Biology Laboratory Winter Quarter 2008 Instructor: Prof. Ann M. Hirsch ([email protected]) T.A.: Maskit Maymon ([email protected]) Organization : The class is divided into groups (consisting primarily of four people) that will work together for the entire quarter. You must sign the contract (print it out from the copy in the folder on the website) for the course agreeing to the expectations that we instructors have for you in MCDB 120L. Please sign and keep a copy for yourself. This course will require that you spend time besides the assigned time working on the expectations of this course. Each group will be assigned a key to the Botany building laboratory (see Maskit for keys). We strongly recommend that you always come to the lab with a buddy and never work alone . Although the success of your project depends on your spending more than the assigned laboratory time, the Botany building is relatively deserted at some times of the day, so work only when there are other people around. Never eat or drink in the lab . Remember that you are working with bacteria, albeit non-pathogenic microbes. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you reduce any
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