Chapter%209%20-%20Extra%20Practice%20Problems - Econ 120B...

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Unformatted text preview: Econ 120B Chapter 9 – Extra Practice Problems 1. Until about 10 years ago, most studies in labor economics found a small but significant negative relationship between minimum wages and employment for teenagers. Two labor economists challenged this perceived wisdom with a publication in 1992 by comparing employment changes of fast-food restaurants in Texas, before and after a federal minimum wage increase. List the various threats to external validity and suggest how to address them in this case. 2. You have been hired as a consultant by building contractor, who have been sued by the owners’ representatives of a large condominium project for shoddy construction work. In order to assess the damages for the various units, the owners’ association sent out a letter to owners and asked if people were willing to make their units available for destructive testing. Destructive testing was conducted in some of these units as a result of the responses. Based on the tests, the owners’ association inferred the damage over the entire condo result of the responses....
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Chapter%209%20-%20Extra%20Practice%20Problems - Econ 120B...

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