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Unformatted text preview: Econ 120B Solutions to Chapter 9 Practice Problems 1. Obtaining external validity involves generalizing the results from the population and setting under study, in this case Texas. The main threats to external validity are the differences between the population and setting studied versus the population and setting of interest. In particular, there may be geographic and/or time differences, in that the study may be out of date. Being out of date is not a major concern here, since the study was done relatively recently. Using data from Texas only could be of concern if you believed that the Texas fast-food restaurants are different from those elsewhere, say in terms of monopsony power, the type of teenager they attract, etc. Generalizing from fast-food restaurants to other sectors such as the garment industry is an entirely different matter, as is generalizing from teenagers to older workers. Comparisons with other countries, where cultural differences may be larger than within the United States, are potentially more problematic. problematic....
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Chapter%209%20-%20Practice%20Problem%20Solutions - Econ...

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