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Name (Signature)___________________________________Student ID #__________ 1 BIS 1B Midterm 2. Kimsey and Ward ANSWER KEY Winter 2002 1. Totipotency is a characteristic of a. cells that give rise only to mesodermal tissues b. tissues that are found in the larval stage of protostomes c. many kinds of cells found in sponges d. the sperm cells of particularly aggressive male cuttlefish e. tissues that are found only in sponges Answer: c 2. The characteristic of torsion in mollusks a. is a trait of animals which belong to the class Cephalopoda b. results from the coiling of the gastropod shell c. is found only in the terrestrial and marine slugs d. results in an apparent asymmetrical modification of the bilateral body plan of some mollusks e. results in a much more efficient digestive and excretory system Answer: d 3. The life cycles of parasitic nematodes transmitted by mosquitoes, as exemplified by the agent of tropical elephantiasis a. exhibit numerous stages in which asexual reproduction occurs b. depend on asexual reproduction only in the mosquito c. reproduce only sexually d. undergo development only in the vertebrate host e. produce gametes only in the mosquito host Answer: c 4. Which of the following is an organism with determinant cleavage and mesoderm derived from a mesentoblast? a. sponge b. deuterostome c. nematode d. cnidarian e. none of the above Answer: c 5. Following the zygote stage, direct development, where the larval stages resemble the adult, a. characterizes the derived members of the Platyhelminthes, Annelida and Arthropoda b. does not occur among Mollusca c. occurs in the Cephalopoda d. is seen only in ancestral groups like sponges and primitive insects e. is likely to be an ancestral metazoan trait
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Name (Signature)___________________________________Student ID #__________ 2 Answer: c 6. Metamerism, which appears to be present in molluscs is a trait a. that indicates Mollusca are paraphyletic b. central theme that typifies the diverse molluscan taxa c. also seen in monomeric animals such as cnidarians d. suggested by the repeated sets of gills and plates in the Polyplacophora e. exemplified by repeated rows of teeth on the radula Answer: d 7 The requisite properties of a hydrostatic skeleton a. are met by the mantle cavity of cephalopod molluscs b. include circular and skeletal muscle groups c. include a closed fluid-filled cavity with flexible or elastic walls d. depend on the elastic properties of gel-like fluids e. are exemplified by the brains of entomologists that study ants Answer: c 8. Which of the following animals are not eucoelomate protostomes? a.
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KimseyWardMT2W02key - Name(Signature_Student ID BIS 1B...

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