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Colligative Properties: Deal with changes that come from adding a solute to a solvent. Colligative properties: Are properties that depend on the number of solute particals and the solvent but not he type of solute partical. Four colligative properties: The name tells you what effect the solute has on the solvent in three of the four. What it is Freezing pt Boiling pt Lowered Osmotic* Depression Elevation Vapor Pressure Pressure The Equation T=k f . m . i T=k b . m . i P 1 =P 1 ° . X 1 =RTM . i What the equation is T amount the T amount the P 1 The vapor pressure Π the osmotic pressure for and the units freezing point is the boiling point is of the solvent over the in atms depressed elevated or solution in same units as or lowered increased the P° 1 it's T in so K=°C it's T in so K=°C The constant k f freezing pt constant k b boiling pt constant P 1 ° eqlb V.P. R=0.08206 L . atm/mole
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