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Name ___________________________________ Student ID _______________ Score ______ _____ last first Physics 123A, Spring 2008 Exam 3 WO-UWA123A082T-E3(PCQ)sol2.doc V. [20 points total] A ball moves back and forth forever on a frictionless track consisting of two horizontal sections, shown at right (not to scale). Assume that the ball has enough kinetic energy to get from region B to region A, and that the time the ball spends on the steep sections of the track is negligible. The exact heights and lengths of the two regions are unknown, except that region B is lower and longer than region A. A. [5 pts] Is the probability density in region A, ± A , greater than , less than, or equal to the probability density in region B, B ? Explain. If not enough information is given, explain what additional information is needed. The probability density in a given region is the time per unit length the ball spends in that region divided by the time it takes to traverse the entire track. Since region A is higher than region B, the
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