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Human physiology - Lectures 38 39 Reproduction 1 2 1 Which of the following is(are incorrect regarding spermatogenesis A The process of

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Lectures 38 & 39: Reproduction 1 & 2 1. Which of the following is (are) incorrect regarding spermatogenesis? A. The process of spermatogenesis occurs entirely within/among the Sertolli cells of the seminiferous tubules. B. The Leydig cells are testosterone-synthesizing and releasing cells found surrounding the seminiferous tubules. C. Both male and female gametogenesis involve replication of chromosomes before the first meiotic division. D. none of the above is incorrect E. all of the above are incorrect 2. Which of the following is (are) correct? A. High levels of FSH and LH from the anterior pituitary can directly serve as negative feedback to decrease Hypothalamic release of GnRH. B. Sex hormones have direct paracrine affects on the gonads to produce gametes. C. The anterior pituitary secretes GnRH in response to FSH and LH. D. GnRH, FSH, and LH are all considered hypophysiotropic hormones. 3.
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