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human physiology study questions 37

human physiology study questions 37 - a Glycolysis does not...

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27:130 Lecture 27 Study Questions 1. Which statement about muscle properties is incorrect? a. Exercise endurance depends on training and diet, and does not depend on glycogen levels stored in muscle. b. On average, males have larger muscle cross-sectional area then females. c. Difference in muscle anatomy between males and females to a large degree is due to difference in the plasma levels of sex hormones. d. A, B, and C are all incorrect. 2. Which statement about exercise is correct?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Glycolysis does not participate in ATP production in muscle during exercise. b. Muscles use creatine phosphate to generate ATP from ADP. c. Maximal exercise performance is limited by ventilation. d. Training does not increase maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max). e. b and c are both correct. Correct answers: 1. a. Endurance depends on the glycogen stores in the muscle as well as on training and diet. 2. b....
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