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human physiology study questions 25

human physiology study questions 25 - a Hypotension is...

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27:130 Study Questions Lecture 25 1. Due to an activation of the baroreflexes, parasympathetic stimulation to the heart was decreased and sympathetic stimulation to the heart, arterioles and veins was increased. What will be the consequences? a. Increase in cardiac output. b. Decrease in cardiac output. c. Increase in MAP (mean arterial pressure). d. Decrease in MAP. e. Both a and c. 2. Which statement is correct?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Hypotension is often due to increased arteriolar constriction. b. An increase in stroke volume (at a constant heart rate) will not change maximal oxygen consumption. c. An increase in capillary hydrostatic pressure leads to an increase in protein-free plasma filtration out of the capillaries. d. Blood pressure is independent of blood volume. e. b and c. Correct answers: 1. e. 2. c....
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