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27:130 Human Physiology Lecture 35 – Metabolism and Energy Balance II 1. During exercise all of the following occur except: a. Increased glycogenolysis b. Decreased plasma insulin c. Increased glycogen synthesis d. Decreased plasma free fatty acids e. All of the above are correct 2. Which of the following is/are true? a. Cholesterol synthesis regulation is a good example of a negative feedback loop. b. Cell X has a region of its plasma membrane damaged and needs cholesterol; this cholesterol will most likely arrive within low-density lipoproteins.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Increased osteoblast activity occurs via increased testosterone, increased estrogen, increased cortisol, and increased growth hormone. d. Elevated glucose levels causes destruction of pancreatic beta cells, resulting in elevated plasma levels of glucose but no insulin release in type I diabetes. e. all of the above are true f. a and b are true g. c and d are true 3. Intravenous injection of leptin would ________ heat produced by ________ BMR and ______ energy stored by _________ energy intake. #3 answers: Increase Increasing Decrease Decreasing...
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