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1/28/08 Lecture 3: Cell Structure and Proteins (Ch. 3, pg. 42-65) Study Questions 1. Which statement is true concerning plasma membranes? A. They are composed of a double layer of phospholipids linked together by covalent bonds. B. The phospholipid bilayer is organized with the polar, hydrophobic ends oriented outward. C. Integral membrane proteins can span the lipid bilayer because they are amphipathic. D. In tight junctions, adjacent cells are held together tightly by protein fibers that extend from each cell. 2. Which of the following cell organelles is defined with its correct function? A. Ribosome- breaks down bacteria and cellular debris
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Unformatted text preview: B. Golgi Apparatus- participates in chemical processes, making energy available to the cells. C. Mitochondria- sorts and prepares proteins for delivery to various parts of the cell. D. Lysosome- manufactures proteins from amino acids E. None of the above. 3. Protein synthesis and the concentration of a protein depend on which of the following factors? A. The rate of gene transcription into RNA. B. The rate of protein degradation. C. Translation of mRNA by ribosomes. D. Only A and C. E. They depend on A, B, and C Answers: 1.C, 2.E, 3.E...
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