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Chapter 1 exercises - Chapter 1 exercises Questions: Book...

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Chapter 1 exercises Questions: Book only provides answers to odd numbered problems 1. Why does soda fizz? a. Me: Escaping carbon dioxide fizzes as it leaves the water molecule. b. Book: Soda contains carbon dioxide molecules that are forced into a mixture with water molecules because of the increased pressure. Opening the can of soda will release the pressure, which allows the carbon dioxide to escape from the mixture and form bubbles. 2. What are chemicals? Give examples a. Collections of molecules that make up nearly everything. I am made of chemicals, water, air, and paint thinners are also chemicals. 3. What do Chemists try to do? How do they understand the natural world? a. Me: Chemists learn the properties and nature of atoms. They gain this understanding through observation and experimentation b. Book: Chemists study the world around us and try to explain how it works. By studying the interactions of atoms and molecules, chemists hope to better understand the world around us. 4. What is meant by the statement, “Matter does what molecules do”? Give an example. a. However the properties of the molecules change, so does the properties of the matter. Metal is burned because the energy changes the properties of the atom. 5. Define Chemistry a. Me: Scientific study of the nature and properties of atoms and molecules b. Book: Chemistry: the science that seeks to understand what matter does by studying what atoms and molecules do. 6.
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Chapter 1 exercises - Chapter 1 exercises Questions: Book...

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