Lecture 2 Notes - o Addition and Subtraction Result can...

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Lecture 2 Notes Science o Observation and measurement o Number-tells value o Unit indicates scale Scientific notation o Represents big and small numbers Base 10 Units o –define the number SI Units o Derived from metric o Divided into base units and derived units o Relies on prefixes to change size of unit Derived Unit o Velocity m/s o Volume m 3 o Acceleration m/s 2 o Concentration mol/m 3 o Energy Joule kgm 2 /s 2 Prefixes: MUST KNOW THESE!!! o Giga (G) 10 9 o Mega (m) 10 6
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o Kilo (k) 10 3 o Deci (d) 10 -1 o Centi (c) 10 -2 o Milli (m) 10 -3 o Micro (μ) 10 -6 o Nano (n) 10 -9 Any measurement has a degree of uncertainty Significant figures o 45.872 certain of # to 0.001 More significant figures more precision o Any non zero digit is significant o Rounding significant figures X< 4 round down X> 5 round up
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Unformatted text preview: o Addition and Subtraction Result can have no more decimal places than the measurement with the fewest decimal places o Multiplication and Division Result can only be as precise as the least precise -- # of significant figures o If doing both of the preceding bullet points, do not round until the END • When working with units of volume or area, ou will see the following: o m 3 o cm 2 o How can these exponents affect dimensional analysis? • Temperature o Direct measure of energy of a system High energy = high temperature o Temperature scale 0C = 32F --same energy 100C/180F = 5C/9F KNOW THIS!!! • F=1.8C + 32 • K= C +273 • Density= Mass/Volume...
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Lecture 2 Notes - o Addition and Subtraction Result can...

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