Lecture 5 Notes - o Memorize chart from slides page 2 also...

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Lecture 5 notes Allotropes o Examples of allotropes: Carbon: graphite, diamond, fullerene Phosphorous: white, red Sulfur: crystalline, plastic Oxygen: ozone (O 3 ) and dioxygen (O 2 ) o Its often possible to convert one allotrope into another Ions o Change in the number of electrons to produce an ion o Zn charge of +2 in Salt o Ag charge +1 in Salt Chapter 5
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Unformatted text preview: o Memorize chart from slides page 2 also on pg 130 in book o Compound: bonding of multiple atoms o Chemical formula: represents a compound o Molecule: smallest piece of a compound o Chemical formulas Molecular compounds (do not reduce) Ionic compounds (formula units, reduce) o Memorize acids from slides page 23...
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