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phil review2 - Philosophy Paper and Final Review FINAL...

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Philosophy Paper and Final Review 26/04/2007 19:07:00 FINAL REVIEW: Be able to connect common themes to philosophers and their views o External world o God Be able to compare and contrast Hume and Kant Descartes- substance dualist o There are mental substances and there are physical substances and they are two distinctly different things o Physical substances are extended (something is extended if occupies space, and is divisible) o Mental substances are not extended (something that is not divisible and does not occupy space) o Dualist thesis: the mind and body are distinct (thesis is the conclusion of the argment) o Argument 1: The body is extended The Mind is not Therefore, the mind and body are distinct Hume: Handout covers his topics Kant: o Distinction between analytic and synthetic o What is the test for whether a statement is analytic or synthetic Analytic test: Does the negation of a statement lead to a contradiction? If yes, then analytic If no, then synthetic Apriori test: does the negation of the statement lead to an impossibility Example= 2+4 = 4 Negate: 2+4 NOT = 4 (impossible) This is impossible but NOT a contradiction – synthetic
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2+2 =4 is necessary and therefore its negation is impossible - apriori Example= All bachelors are unmarried
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