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GEOMORPHOLOGY GEOS/GEOG/CSES 3304 Spring 2007 CRN: 13047 (GEOG); 11768 (CSES); 13106 (GEOS) MWF: 11:15-12:05 3 Credits Hutcheson 209 Dr. Kenneth A. Eriksson (GEOL) Dr. W.L. Daniels (CSES) Dr. J.B. Campbell (GEOG) 2043 Derring Hall 0420, 1-4680 244 Smyth Hall 0404, 1-7175 109 Maj. Williams 0115, 1-5841 kaeson@vt.edu wdaniels@vt.edu jayhawk@vt.edu Graduate Assistant: Kirril Kostyanovkiy 417 Smyth, 1-9803 kkostya@vt.edu GEOL/GEOG/CSES 3304: GEOMORPHOLOGY examines the variety of landforms that exist at the earth's surface. Detailed investigation of major processes operating at the earth's surface including: tectonic, weathering, fluvial, coastal, eolian, and glacial processes. Field Excursion. Pre: GEOG 1104 or GEOL 1004 or GEOL 2104. Recommended Text: Ritter, D.F., R.C. Kochel, and J.R. Miller. Process Geomorphology. 4 th ed. Waveland Press. 560 p. Readings will be placed on reserve in the Newman Library; class handouts and PDFs of PowerPoints from lecture will be placed on the class Blackboard web site (https://learn.vt.edu/) Week Date Topic 1. 15 Jan Global Morphology & Tectonics (KAE: 2) 2. 22 Jan Landforms & Plate Tectonics (KAE: 3) 3. 29 Jan Slope Processes & Mass Wasting
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3304S%20spring%2007%20Syllabus - GEOMORPHOLOGY...

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