2.26 - kuma Shingenobu Zaibatsu Sapporo Ashio Yawata...

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Ōkuma Shingenobu Zaibatsu Sapporo Ashio Yawata Steel “Political economy” – relationship between government and the economy How state structure affects economic growth Ex. Status system, warriors provide security Pro-capitalist – Meiji 1878 with the establishment of the Tokyo Stock Market Exchange By Ōkuma Shingenobu Helped organize the Bank of Japan Capitalist system Issued the yen 1885 Japanese government was also pro-industrial “rich nation, strong army” Doesn’t care about peasants’ welfare Matsukawa – helped keep commodities low Screwed over peasants Required imported technology, bought by the government Using tax revenues – pro-industiral Merchants only invest in things that would only give them immediate profit private Government in Japan involved in Ex. Connecting railroad of Kyoto and Osaka Japan would use tax revenues to buy very expensive technology and then sell it to private business government knew 1868 (20 years) private investment absent Almost no foreign direct investment That is why Miji government was always broke because Japan had to pay for everything Zaibatsu – merchant family history Kings of industry Japanese government try to promote own industry against foreign industry Government subsidize students studying abroad ~1,000 Government hired foreign engineers to come to Japan Single line in government budget was mostly dedicated to bringing foreigners to Japan Hokkaido and Okinawa became testing grounds Test different political governments
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2.26 - kuma Shingenobu Zaibatsu Sapporo Ashio Yawata...

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