2.7.08 Warring States to Tokugawa Peace

2.7.08 Warring States to Tokugawa Peace - 02-07-08 Warring...

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02-07-08 Warring States to Tokugawa Peace 1) Decline of Feudalism 2) Warring States 3) Three Hegemons 4) The Tokugawa Political Order Feudal Decline Hosokawa Katsumoto vs. Yamana Sozen 1441 Hosokawa shogun was killed by the Yamana family, Yamana was related to Minamoto As a result shogunal power reached a decline Trying to figure out who will be the next shogun led to the Onin War Hosokawa refused to get involved in this fight Pointless war and no central authority to say who was wrong and no one to punish Onin War 1467-1477 Ikko Revolt 1488 in Kaga Peasants who were sick of the warrior class for constantly fighting, so went against them to overthrow them…first commoner rule Political ideology affected Rennyo “ge-koku-jo” Those on low strike down those on high, warring period Warring States Period Period where there was no central authority, had states with autonomy and always preparing to fight their neighbors, and at the same time having low people trying to overthrow the higher Period of chaos Four major familes: Uesugi, “Later Hojo”(Go-Hojo), Takeda, Imagawa Imagawa was the least influential, basically controlled by the Ashikaga During this chaotic period, this is the first time the Europeans show up in Japan Three figures: Uesugi Kenshin, Hojo Ujitsuna, Takeda Shingen Arquebus, “mounted army” kiba gundan Portuguese brought the Arquebus, pre-mature muskets Arquebus is extremely inaccurate and much worse than archery But when used very close and controlled, then can cause considerable damage Japan was the most heavily armed in gunpowder in the world Violent period in Japan, giant militarized zone Constant warfare placed heavy burden on Japan Country tired of conflict, battle worst Three figures came together to try be bring the country together Oda Nobunaga Oda Nobunaga was in charge of a small, vulnerable but rich province and came into prominence at the Battle of Okehazama.
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2.7.08 Warring States to Tokugawa Peace - 02-07-08 Warring...

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