2.21 Meiji Imperialism and Japanese Power

2.21 Meiji Imperialism and Japanese Power - Meiji...

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Meiji Imperialism and Japanese Power (1874-1910) * Early Meiji Imperialism: mimesis * Late Meiji Imperialism: world power Mimesis – imitation but also who’s putting on the show and who’s watching New Government Matsukata masayoshi, new tax system Tokugawa – taxes were based on productivity Meiji – taxes based on market value of the land Military changes – had a military staff to plan wars and battles and send commands to combat commanders General staff are in close communication with war ministries Centralized government Han system is abolished is favored in place of prefectures later appointed by Genruin – oligarchs, bring stability to the government, “chamber of the elders” 1890 Japan’s Imperial Constitution Drafted by the chamber of elders The world revolves around the emperor Emperor Meiji was the embodiment of authority in Meiji govt Genru would crowd themselves around the emperor and come up with ideas “Emperor system” Emperor’s roles include the power to pass prescripts, dissolve legislative government, in name was suppose to be the descendent of gods. Diet system consists of the House of peers and the House of Representatives who replace the genru, although the genru still exercises power through the emperor himself House of Peers appointed by the emperor House of Representatives – elected by popular vote In order to vote need to pay a certain amount of taxes, 3/4 th of men didn’t vote, women didn’t vote, there were elections 1880 Matsukata Deflation Government policy of large spending People who are selling commodities (farmers, peasants) do fairly well People with salaries are hurt Made the peasants happy since they had no power to vote
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2.21 Meiji Imperialism and Japanese Power - Meiji...

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