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Quiz 1 Key - %t 00 ‘4-2‘7-0 Quiz 1 CE 361 September 6...

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Unformatted text preview: \%t 00 ‘4-2‘7-0 Quiz 1 CE 361 September 6, 2007 30 pts Available Name: BE SURE TO I LUDE ALL UNITS IN YOUR CALULATIONS AND SHOWALL WORK?! 1. Which of the following is NOT an extensive property? (Zpts) a. Velocity ~ b. Mass {/ c. Energy d. answers a and c 2. Water availability across the world is: (Zpts) a. Increasing b. Decreasing c. Unchanged d. Unknown 3. Reynolds Numbers is: (Zpts) a. A ratio between inertial and viscous forces b. The pizometric constant c. A ratio that determines the amount of surface tension d. A ratio between wave speed and gravity 4. An ideal fluid is defined as having: (2pts) a. Incompressibility b. No phase changes c. No viscosity d. Zero absolute pressure 5. Of the available freshwater, the majority consists in: (2pts) a. Rivers and lakes b. Groundwater c. Glaciers, permanent snow pack and permafrost d. Local pet store aquariums 6. The general control volume equation (Reynolds transport theorem) is: dB d ‘3“ = — dV + V - dA dt dt Ci flp Ci ’6’0 a. Use the Reynolds Transport Theorem to produce a step by step derivation of the continuity equation for 1-D incompressible flow. Make sure to show all steps and substitutions. (4 pts) 5: W55 : m = dwxq’ b. In the continuity equation, what does the intensive property B represent? What does the extensive property [3 represent? (2pts) Exhale we. Massflmsive Property ~ n’tvx's we? Dmass/Dmassfliirrensr've Property c. Of the remaining components of the continuity equation, give a one or two sentence explanation of their meaning in relation to the control volume and control surface. Also explain how these processes are represented in a watershed. (3pts) I-The rate of change of extensive property stored in the control volume — A change in the amount of water stored in the watershed. Example: A reservoir in the watershed increasing/decreasing. 2-The net rate of outflow of extensive property through the control surface -Fluxes entering into the watershed through precipitation, groundwater flow, streams, et 7. Three kilograms of air per second flow through the pipe reducer shown below, the air in the 300-mm pipe has a specific weight of 9.8 N/m3. When flowing through the reducer the air density decreases yielding a specific weight of 7.85 N/m3 in the ZOO—mm pipe. Compute (a) the weight flowrate, (b) the air density in the BOO-mm pipe, (c) the air density in the ZOO-mm pipe, (d) the air flowrate in the 300—mm pipe, (e) the air flowrate in the ZOO—mm pipe, (f) does this system conserve mass? (6 points) ...
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Quiz 1 Key - %t 00 ‘4-2‘7-0 Quiz 1 CE 361 September 6...

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