Quiz 3 Key - Quiz 3 CE 361 October 4th, 2007 25 pts...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 3 CE 361 October 4th, 2007 25 pts Available Name: BE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL UNITS IN YOUR CALULATIONS AND SHOWALL WORK?! Multiple Choice Questions 52 points each} 1. A watershed’s main channel experiences a flow greater then 5,500cfs nine times over the course of 50 years, and three of those times the flow was greater then 7,0000fs. What is the return period of a flow of 5,500cfs? a. 8.67 b. 4.48 c. 5.56 d. 16.67 2. What is a major factor that influences evaporation? a. Latent Heat of Vaporization b. Ability to transport water vapor away c. Amount of out going short wave radiation d. Both A and B 3. When the energy supply is not limiting the can be used to calculate evaporation. When vapor transport is not limiting the can be used to calculate evaporation. a. Aerodynamic, Energy Balance b. Energy Balance, Aerodynamic c. Emissivity, Albedo d. Albedo, Emissivity 4. The Richards equation is used to describe a. flow in the unsaturated zone b. flow in the saturated zone c. Suction d. Friction 5. Type 1, IA, II, and III twenty four hour duration storms are used to develop: a. Synthetic Storm Hyetographs b. Flood warning Levels. 0. IDF curves d. Unit Hydrographs 8. The Priestley Taylor equation is a simplified equation of the combination method. What is the relationship that allows this simplification? (2 pts) ' we, CLSSUKV‘AQ/ "hm. Po\\<>u0‘r\3 PC\CL’\C\OI\S\K\I\D hows +RAL: x Term = P‘Q—COAUnQM‘C- Tet-«\- 9. For a homogeneous soil the Richards equation can be written as: d6 3 39 _=___ 0—. dt 32[ dz] a. If a rainfall event caused water to infiltrate into a control volume of homogeneous soil using Richards’s Equation physics describe the processes going on inside the control volume. (2 pts) AS JON), W». m “ “CW-“w 00‘ '\'\/\-' A God SCOQWA’UMV/k\ wmssw'fi \eecbmas «More, :9 “A Now ’hna. dd .0. h) {’0 (19;, 46C Cd“ BM MEN/(- "IV-\OVS b. If the control volume became completely saturated what would the above equation simplify to? (2 pts) ‘ I; gmmfiima M Max.)ng mthm-\- wow); no"- ‘if 5M incl ° ‘ 60 - ‘ ' . 3A a , 2?... =0 .ngvegfifi, of Menage, NJVM 4?me L fiSSUMvfl t (,V «.me Shhmxxé ) "EL 0 1-f— gmw-k-A, “hm. Mofi’fixb Mamba—\— WC} ‘G-Z z “0"? Chwcbu “‘D‘thw’f but. (-0‘\\'f0\ Vo\uw -Tw. flwmkr moomcl AM be out durum \o mud-ukmwd Pomp—3 0AA («K $3M¥wa¥ca amp u‘ mflwbbemA 6. During our Lectures on evaporation we discussed a relationship between vapor pressure and temperature. Use this relationship to explain the natural phenomena of dew forming at night. If needed, please use figures to help explain your case. Hint: Look at the changes of temperature change associated with night time. (4 pts) ‘5 “rd- Hahn“ esm— an‘ C193 m bud “*W'DSPL‘L’ had 9.. +cmvuam and vapor priest.th Cortes \\ +0 6 “ pofio “:3 PD\(\‘\— A u Mush-hath n ,SM ‘t‘ JtI-«JL +Lm Wflw (0‘) S \OLA"? Va . pot passing, [Lng (AKSA-Ma‘. Klflfia\\1o¢\\ I'D}. iii—amvea‘l'wr.’ dtoPg +0 JUNI— Itn’i‘ oi» Saha‘km Vapor fussy“, CPJfEEDH ) “HM?— Qm- ho 10c; 030ng *0 45m New)?” m ‘54— CM f“ (aw-3'.“ Comm-pom and ‘h/L Qmsm O? CLO/u.) J 7. On a hot summer day the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. In a parking lot on campus the incoming radiation is 350 W/rnz. What is the Net radiation on the pavement? Assume an albedo of .12 and an emissivity of .94. Also remember the Stefan—Botzman constant equals 5.67 W/m2*K4. (3 pts)‘ % Pm.- 350‘” ML 0(=.t1 C: PM 0“: scant)“ “Z3- \E‘ T: Name 5613K 3% -O\L'\(S-Q:l‘*16$w/m‘ l4“ )Lmsqq : S\\_55w/M Rm: BSDW/m‘» .(l_o'\1) g 5\\‘SSKI/ML = €03.55 “7...; Me’r MAMAhM occurs Prom M Whit) lea: +0 +142— 0): Moiolmrc. \ b. Do you think a different surface would have a different net radiation? Why or why not. If so, how would it change the problem? (2 pts) Ves‘ Bf-Cau'fl/ 0* Swat.» MM\C\ CLL‘Q‘LLCA‘ Ck d.¥¥m’v @NMBV oi: KMM'IK MdAirman, {Max 4M1, QUOcAO. Th6; lf\ AKACH uOo A \Kcmc’cigcrcwga, mat-aAWm ...
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Quiz 3 Key - Quiz 3 CE 361 October 4th, 2007 25 pts...

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