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Quiz 6 Key - Quiz 6 CE 361 November 15th 2007 ‘8 pts...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 6 CE 361 November 15th, 2007 ‘8 pts Available Name: BE SURE TO INC UDE ALL UNITS IN YOUR CALULATIONS AND SHOWALL WORK! ! Multiple Choice Questions :2 points each} 1. Hydraulic peaks downstream of a reservoir are in magnitude and compared to those that entered the reservoir upstream. a. Larger, delayed in time b. Smaller, less frequent c. Smaller, delayed in time (1. Larger, less frequent 2. Tree Ring Chronology Involves: a.AUsing the ring’s from near stream trees to track flooding stages 1).. Matching living and dead tree rings in order to extrapolate climatic data c. A new research method to predict interception rates of plant life d. Using the ring’s from near stream trees to study the history of the riparian ecological 3. In the Muskingham Method for river routing, K represents: a. The magnitude of baseflow of the reach b. The time required for a flood wave to traverse the reach of interest c. Manning’s Constant d. The hydraulic conductivity 4. Randomness in a hydrologic system is generally due to: a. Complexity of the system b. Lack of understanding of the system c. Lack of data (1. All of the above 5. ' Along with the mean what other parameter is necessary to compute a Gaussian distribution a; Standard Deviation 1:). Range c. Skew d. Mode 8. A histogram can help visualize central tendencies, dispersions, and asymmetry. Describe statistical parameters which can measure these three characteristics. (3pts) 0Q BLOBUoA ‘k'cndnncs'. Wéiafl Magma, OP (flaw-arm'- rVN‘ienuz/ L'S*U\daré 9%.aX-um) WSW 0e AS-QMMEHS‘. CoiLf—lgtew’f 0-K- Shawn) 6. For the Muskingum Stream Routing method describe how the wedge concept indicates an advancing flood wave or a recession. Also describe what the prism of storage represents. (2pts) bums +142. mdomuz/ Oi: o~ hood. “01‘ «.A£‘\ouo cxmdm Om‘Vfficm. ProémUHRB o. wedge? OK S'kbrodst.’ Monet «3 {ROW} Wave. '. Qtt-Lfistonr During Jean Mss‘wfi. W‘kf—tm “Lu—d? 3“me WSvM‘i-j :\ ON MQnST'wW-a ('prSM 0Q 55‘599‘8'1- TKI~< kg LOFWA 0‘ Ub‘u-mg, Oi' mgxcnf ('Josi— when ohms "‘54 “ASK 0" QCKsW—‘inp Chan «A - 7. A reservoir’s dam will be breached with a 50 year flooding event. Determine the probability of the dam not being breached during its 30 year life span. (3pts) ._ 30 z‘W‘fé‘éi ; H5 K \'{< =‘ .255! OF 55070 Chance W"? m dam vo\\\ no)? be. \OmC/M ...
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Quiz 6 Key - Quiz 6 CE 361 November 15th 2007 ‘8 pts...

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