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Homework 1 - CE 361 Water Resources Engineering Assignment...

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CE 361: Water Resources Engineering Assignment 1, Due: Thursday, Sept. 13 New York Water Supply Case Study Student ______________________________ Learning Objectives When you have completed this case study assignment you should understand and be able to apply the following concepts: Control Volume Residence Time None of the questions requires extensive calculations! Please provide short and to the point answers. REMINDER OF HOMEWORK ‘RULES’ Homework will be assigned bi-weekly and is due at the beginning of class on the Thursday of the subsequent week. Late homework will not be accepted. You can discuss the homework with your peers, but everyone must turn in their own assignment that represents individual effort. Each assignment requires: Your name(s) on each page of stapled solutions A legible step-by-step presentation ( in pencil ) of the solutions ( include problem diagrams ) Boxed answers presented in proper units Solutions will be made available after your assignments have been collected.
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Background The New York City water supply system consists of three unfiltered surface water sources (the Croton, the Catskill and the Delaware – see Figure 1) and a system of wells in Queens (the Jamaica System). The three upstate water collection systems include 19 reservoirs and three controlled lakes with a total storage capacity of approximately 550 billion gallons. They were designed and built with various interconnections to increase flexibility to meet water quality and quantity goals and to mitigate the impact of localized droughts. The system supplies
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Homework 1 - CE 361 Water Resources Engineering Assignment...

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