Ee40su08Prelab1 - using the steps described there 3 Derive the equation R test m R V V R V R − = shown in Figure 12(a 4 If L is 150 Ω and the

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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY EE40 Summer 2008 Lab 1 Introduction to Circuits and Instruments Prelab Name____________ Session/TA____________ 1. Two resistors are connected in parallel to an ideal voltage source of 5 V. Choose the value of R 2 so that the total current going through 1 and 2 is 100 mA. + - 5 V R 1 = 100 Ω R 2 2. The examples given in the chart on page 4 are a 560 k ± 5% 4-band resistor and a 237 ± 1% 5-band resistor. Try to verify the values yourself
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Unformatted text preview: using the steps described there. 3. Derive the equation R test m R V V R V R − = shown in Figure 12 (a). 4. If L is 150 Ω , and the signal generator display shows V pp = 1 V, what is the actual peak to peak amplitude of the signal across L ? R S = 50 Ω AC Source R L Signal Generator...
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