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lec01_intro - Real-Time Systems Chan-Gun Lee What are...

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1 Real-Time Systems Chan-Gun Lee What are real-time embedded systems? Embedded Systems Cell phones, PDAs Digital cameras Microwave ovens Multimedia systems such as DVR, VOD server, etc Factory process control Radar systems – Avionics Most of embedded systems have a certain level (hard or soft) of timing constraints in addition to logical correctness requirements “Real-Time Embedded Systems”
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2 Course Philosophy • Purposes Familiarize students with fundamental theory and design practice of real-time and embedded systems • Theory real-time task models, real-time scheduling, schedulability analysis, inter-task synchronization, end-to-end scheduling, etc. students get ready for “active research” in real-time area • Practice Confirm real-time theory with real examples Low-level programming, inline ASM, Interrupts & Timers System development with RTOS (RT-Linux) Topics Real-Time Embedded Systems Definitions Examples
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