CSE 20 - Grading

CSE 20 - Grading - CSE 20 - Grading

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CSE 20 - Grading http://www.cse.ucsd.edu/classes/su08/cse20/details.html 1 of 1 7/3/2008 12:00 AM Basic Info Calendar Grading Details Assignments PDF of Syllabus CSE 20: Discrete Math Grading Details Grades will be computed as follows: Quizzes: 30% Midterm: 30% Final: 40% Class Participation There will be frequent opportunities for structured active participation during lecture (solving problems), in which everyone is expected to participate. There may also be a few homework/mini-project assignments or other opportunities for extra credit. Homework and Quizzes Homework will be assigned about twice a week, but will not be collected. This does not mean you are not required to do it. Your understanding of the homework problems will be assessed using quizzes (also about two per week--9 total). Quizzes will be patterned on the homework problems. Please understand that simply looking over the homework problems and/or their solutions, and deciding that you could solve them on a quiz, is almost certain to lead to not doing well on the quizzes. You will be
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