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midterm_notes_S07 - Econ 166 1 Midterm Exam Notes Most...

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Econ 166 1 Midterm Exam Notes: Most Important Material: ° lect1v10.pdf, including in Additional Notes on Comparison of Simple and Multiple Regression.pdf ° Lect4stat_infer_testv7.pdf ° Lect5_Ftestsv2.pdf ° Wooldridge Ch 3 and 4). ((Going through Chapter 2 may be helpful, because the single variable regression derivations are the easiest to follow) . ° dummy variables: See Lect5_Ftests and Lect10_reg_decomposition_group_di/erences.pdf. Wooldridge 7.1-7.4 ° Large sample properties: Select lect6_large_samp_prop_and_matrix_notationv1.pdf (Matrix notation will not be on the exam.) ° E/ects of scaling of y and x variables on coe¢ cients, standard errors, R2, etc. Other material: ° I will be asking at least one question that refers to the applications. You don°t don°t need to have every coe¢ cient estimate memorized. Focus what the question is, the nature of the data, and how summary statistics and regression models are used to address it. I might describe a question
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