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311 Operations Management Fall 2007 Homework 9: Project Management Due 12/6/2007 1. (30 points) A scene is being shot for a film. A total of 11 distinct activities have been identified for the filming. First, the script must be verified for continuity and then the set erected and decorated at the same time the makeup applied to the actors. After the set us completed, the lighting is set in place. After the make-up is applied, the actors get into costume. When these activities are completed, the first rehearsal of the scene commences, which is followed by the second scene rehearsal with the cameraman. While the rehearsals are going on, verifications of the audio and the video equipment are made. After both rehearsals and verifications are completed, the scene is shot. Afterward, it is viewed by the director to determine if it needs to be re-shot. The list of the activities, activity times and immediate predecessors is the following: ID Task Description Time Required (days) Immediate Predecessor A Check script for story continuity 2 - B Decorate set, place necessart props 4.5 A C Check lightining of scene 1 B D Apply makeup to actors 0.5 A E Costumes for actors 1.5 D F First rehersal (actors only) 2.5 C,E G Video verification 2 C,E H Sound verification 2 C,E I Second rehersal (with camera and lights) 2 F,G,H J Shoot scene 3.5 I K Director's OK of the scene 1.5 J a) Develop a network for the filming of the scene. A B E G D C F H I J K
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b) Compute the earliest and the latest starting and finishing times for each of the activities, calculate the slacks, and identify the critical path. c)
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Homework_9_ProjectManagement_Solutions - 311 Operations...

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