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Definitions for ANT 2585 - Race Midterm October 11th Race - biologically real, an idea described in biology, and a human invention Physical traits - bio chemistry, physiology, morphology Behaviors - simple reflexes, complex behaviors Simple genetic traits - on gene is the basis. Very simplified view of genetics Complex genetic traits - traits that have more than one gene as their basis Genotype - cannot be altered, inherited variation Phenotype - easily altered variation; expression of genes and environment Colorblindness - 1 out of 12 men and 1 out of 200 women Natural selection - selective process in nature produced change; worked with current variation Gene concept - discrete material passed from generation to generation Mutation - change in DNA, ultimate source of all new variation Founder mutation - use of specific mutations to trace evolutionary histories Migration - gene flow, genic exchange or interbreeding. Intro of variation from another population Genetic drift - random, unpredictable changes in gene pool
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