If an officer asks for my ID, do I have to give it

If an officer asks for my ID, do I have to give it -...

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If an officer asks for my ID, do I have to give it? That sort of depends; if the officer has reasonable suspicion that you’ve committed a crime, the officer can detain you, ask questions, and ask you for your identification. If you resist, then you could be charged with a crime (refusing a police order) - unless, of course, the officer had no reasonable suspicion to stop you. How would you know whether the officer has reasonable suspicion - well, if you’re doing something wrong, there is probably reasonable suspicion. If
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Unformatted text preview: you’re not doing something wrong, there probably isn’t reasonable suspicion, but why not give the officer your identification, then? It’s sort of a Catch-22 that police officers are going to win more times than not. Also, in the event that you are pulled over, rest assured that there is reasonable suspicion (i.e., speeding, running a light, etc.), so you’re going to have to provide identification when asked....
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