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2 - No 2 George Custard(not related to General George...

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Unformatted text preview: No 2. George Custard (not related to General George Custer) is building a custard stand at the Little Big Horn in South Dakota. He wants to build it out of mud bricks (ultimate compressive strength 200 psi and density 250 lbs/cubic foot) in' the shape of a tent (triangular sides, vertical front and back). The footprint of the building is 60 ft x 60 ft. The building height is 60 ft. What is the largest interior room that can be built (length x width x height). Assume that length = width and that the front of the room is flush with the front of the building. Remember that people will be standing inside the room. 1 ”157‘ “417/ 57/6 / " l i ...
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