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Ashley Angel ASSIGNMENT 11: (1) Explain desertification as a natural disaster, and discuss the various processes involved in desertification, including ways human activities contribute to this natural disaster. Desertification is the creation of desert like conditions or the expansion of deserts as a response to human activities such as overgrazing, excessive extraction of water, and deforestation. (2) Understand and describe global impacts of El Niño. El Nino is an abnormal warming of the oceans along low latitude west Coasts. In December about every 3 to 7 years, warm equatorial waters displace the cold offshore waters of Peru and Ecuador. Examples of El Nino’s global impact include severe disruptions in weather patterns and in the forming of marine biomass. (3) Give three examples of human influence in the process of desertification. Degradation of the Biological Environment in Arid Regions by removing Vegetation Excessive Cultivation Exhaustion of Surface-Water or Groundwater Supplies for Irrigation, Industry, or Domestic use (4) Explain the influence of human activities on desertification. Desertification begins in areas susceptible to drought or overuse by human populations and is then exacerbated by their influence. So, the desert spreads into arid and semiarid regions. (5) Contrast between Desertification and Desertization Desertization implies the Natural Growth of deserts in response to climatic change, where as Desertification is induced by human activities. (6) Explain the causes of desertification. The unwise handling of drought prone land causes desertification, usually as a result of human activities such as overgrazing, clearing of forest, and the overworking of sensitive soils deserts spread.
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(7) Discuss the consequences of desertification. Wildlife and Plant Populations Diminish Unnaturally High Erosion Droughts and Wildfires (8) Describe the Sahel Disaster including location and extension of the area affected, causes of the disaster, and the influence on the worlds deserts. Public awareness of desertification increased during the severe drought in the Sahel in Africa (1968–73), a drought that accelerated the southward movement of the Sahara (desert). In 1977 the worldwide consequences of desertification were the subject of a UN Conference on Desertification (UNCOD), held in Nairobi, Kenya. (9) Give an opinion on the function of the United Nations interim secretariat for the Convention to Combat Desertification. I believe the United Nations interim secretariat for the Convention to Combat Desertification will help mitigate the spreading of deserts globally. The Convention will establish a framework for national, sub regional and regional programs to counter the degradation of dry lands, including semi-arid grasslands and deserts. ASSIGNMENT 12:
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GLY3034 Final - Ashley Angel ASSIGNMENT 11(1 Explain...

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